Ca 6%, B 2%

  • A premium calcium & boron complex for superior crop quality.
  • Boron complements calcium by enhancing its movement & root uptake from the soil.
  • Unique formulation provides fast uptake in rapid growing, calcium sensitive crops (eg.strawberries).
  • Calcium and boron are essential for flowering, fruit set, general fruit quality & storage life.

Unique blend of complexed calcium & boron that’s readily plant available & works quickly through leaves or soil

  • Two essential nutrients for grape quality in 1 mix
  • Improves flowering & promotes even fruit set
  • Improves skin quality & storage characteristics
  • Boron optimizes calcium uptake & sugar transport
  • Can reduce the severity of bunch stem necrosis in vines low in calcium & boron
  • Increases the plant’s natural resistance to fungal diseases
  • Compatible with a wide range of chemicals