Zn 2%, Fe 2%, Mn 2.5%, B 1.4%, N 5%, Mg 1%, Cu 0.5%, Mo 0.1%

Lignosulfonate & glycine micronutrient complex to enhance foliar uptake & utilization.


LIG-TRACE is a proven performer in the world’s most trace element-deficient soils across a range of crops. The unique formulation protects each nutrient and increases foliar uptake, providing superior plant availability over sulphate-based sprays. The high nutrient efficiency means LIG-TRACE can be applied at lower rates per hectare than equivalent non-complexed formulations.

  • A balanced range of essential trace elements plus nitrogen and magnesium for optimum crop growth & health
  • Ideal for crops grown in alkaline or sandy soils
  • Nutrients in complex form for maximum availability
  • Enhance phenolics in wine grapes
  • Excellent nutrient & chemical compatibility
  • Low cost per hectare
  • Fast & effective foliar uptake
  • Superior crop safety